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Golden peaceful garden

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Jinan [project latest news]

Property address:
Road of big north of hill of the area below all previous 54 [comment on a sector of an area]

Building current situation:
Decorate completely

Property type:
Office building

Building type:
Small high level

Building form:

Traffic situation:
[Comment on traffic]

The price:
Have price 4000 yuan / square metre all valence 3700 yuan / square metre [comment on the price]

Opening price:
Have price yuan / square metre, maximum price yuan / square metre, all valence yuan / square metre

Property cost:
[Comment on property]

Decorate a state:
[Decorate graph library]

Volume ratio:

Heating means:

Open quotation date:
[Newest open quotation]

Enter time:
[Newest enter]

Sell card mark:

Develop business:
Shandong promotes peaceful industrial Inc. [development business brief introduction]

[Loan calculator]

Address of carry out building:
Road of hill big north 54 [the group on the net is bought]

Sell a hot line:
0531-88020596, 88032969

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