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Earth acute city

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Jinan [project latest news]

Property address:
The city zone of Jinan city all previous China can road 38 (study abroad Na Lin of personnel poineering garden) [comment on a sector of an area]

Building current situation:
Period room

Property type:
Apartment of type of hotel of average house office building

Building type:
High level

Building form:
Board type

Traffic situation:
Communication is easy, k55, 110, 37, 122 wait for public transportation course. [Comment on traffic]

The price:
[Comment on the price]

Opening price:
Have price yuan / square metre, maximum price yuan / square metre, all valence yuan / square metre

Property cost:
[Comment on property]

Decorate a state:
Clothbound is repaired [decorate graph library]

Volume ratio:

Heating means:
Center heating

Open quotation date:
2008-09-01 [newest open quotation]

Enter time:
[Newest enter]

Sell card mark:

Develop business:
3 power buy course of study of limited company of development of Shandong earth estate, Shandong limited company [development business brief introduction]

Lump-sum payment, bank is mortgaged [loan calculator]

Address of carry out building:
The Duan Lu austral Hua Yang road on the west [the group on the net is bought]

Sell a hot line:

In Jinan the eastpart part, by 3 arterial main force: The garden road, road austral industry and 2 annulus east the road surrounds the city that shut east in new center area, proximate study abroad personnel poineering garden, it is the earth acute city that covers an area of more than mus 100 namely.
Earth acute city will present us situation of such flourishing age bunch: High level of clothbound of 6 gardens type class of office building of skyscraping of class of shopping square of international of city of uptown, acute, 6A, star is costly house of hotel, stylish art is waited a moment, exceed building span, exceed big central greenbelt landscape.
Shopping square will shop and perfect be in harmony is recreation an organic whole, make heaven of Mall of Jinan head home: Luxurious cinema, report plays rink of square of inn of general merchandise of brand of international of large underground supermarket, brunt, cate, true ice, tennis court, figure lotic brave of city, “ enters ” anyhow of …… of the Eden on indoor water, cafe, bar, one exceeds big compound model the city ” in “ city, wonderful deduce “10 minute the life encircles ” (reside what shopping office recreation is in the home 10 minutes to walk inside limits) .
Compound the urban block that change, the community of low density provides capacious and quiet surroundings, this kind of block is experienced to the person's strong life. Decorate luxurious international apartment, the building of distinguished personages business affairs that elite appears and disappear, the shopping centers of commodity full of beautiful things in eyes, the bar street that smooth shadow fluctuates, the culture center with rich program, when these build organic combination to be together, they become the carrier with honest urbanism of rich and colorful, the fashionable to pursuit, people that has deep love for urbanism came into being infinite appeal. Plant plus this urban function is compound the implementation that change, will live, form a complete set of office, commerce, recreational, property is complete, make people OK nearby lives, nearby goes to work, nearby is recreational, offer the advantage on traffic for people, make the people that has deep love for the life has more time to enjoy.
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