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Fontal scene is the same as edifice of embellish business affairs

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The project is located in via road and 7 classics 10 across mouth is southwest, the position is predominant, communication is easy. The edifice is designed to answer a glyph, all clothbound builds public position, floor of footpath laid wood. Three-layer opens wide type atrium, carry layer glass ceiling on the head, set business affairs recreational area. Door model Founder is practical, a variety of 44—287 ㎡ areas, measure what have something made to order personally to do poineering work for small and medium sized business only model office building.
At present this project rents price lowest to be 1.1 yuan / smooth rice, investment value is high, stabilize accrual. Total floor area 30 more than square metre, volume ratio is 2.8, greenbelt rate exceeds 40% , brunt door control in 80~130 ㎡

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