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In embellish century square

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Property address:
Road of head of kiln of the area below all previous and 2 annulus east the road is handed in collect place
Building current situation:
Bridal chamber

Property type:
Apartment of type of hotel of average house office building

Building type:
Small high level

Building form:
Tower type

Traffic situation:
Swallow hill crossroads stands: 31, 115, 202; 2 annulus Dong Ludong mouth: 49, 119, 62, 121
The price:
All valence 6000 yuan / square metre
Opening price:
Have price yuan / square metre, maximum price yuan / square metre, all valence yuan / square metre

Property cost:
1.36 yuan / month · square metre
Decorate a state:
Decorate completely
Volume ratio:

Heating means:
Municipal concentration heating

Open quotation date:
Enter time:
Sell card mark:
Aid room leaves tear open make a word beforehand the 02041st ~ 048

Develop business:
Course of study of buy of the embellish in Shandong limited company payment:

Address of carry out building:
Road of head of kiln of the area below all previous and 2 annulus east the road is handed in collect place
Sell a hot line:

Building dish newest trends

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Embellish century square is located in Jinan in new old the city zone joins a department, be located in side of northeast of swallow hill crossroads, face south classics 10, north faces kiln head road, 2 annulus are received on the west east road. Situation is advantageous. Periphery focussed numerous section, religion, article, defend etc mechanism is enterprise or business unit, whole village north faces Yan Chishan, hill of horn of a huge legendary turtle, swallow hill, 1000 Fosan look south, southwest lies fallow for Yan Shan gymnastical square. Relief is high, free from contamination, air is fresh, the environment is beautiful, it is the advanced and integrated community of the eastpart part. Be in in in design of program of embellish century square, in the light of in last few years concept of “ of industry of Jinan city real-estate is begged change ”“ innovation is banner the new trend of ” , invite the Singapore elegant division with famous international to design service limited company and program of American JY construction to design an office originally especially, undertake to the project all-around construction program and gardens landscape design. Through thorough market research and integrated research, raised “ whole development, reasonable and divisional, organic connection, form a complete set is complete, zoology community, the construction train of thought of sustainable progress ” , build estate development and city organic union rises, make development of century square project achieves “ to result from city, banner area, organic union, the target of advanced management ” , in the design of embellish century square filled fission to show “ to be with the person in plan this, esteem is natural, can develop the advanced concept of ” continuously, the design that used the many international level such as garage of landscape of gardens of direct daylighting, underground is patent. Ensure will medium embellish century square makes landscape of city of Jinan the eastpart part and mark sex structure group one of. Configuration of property of embellish century square covered the aspect such as office, commerce, hotel, advanced apartment in, it is one has international advanced concept, collect a variety of functions build synthesis for the modernization of an organic whole, in embellish century square is comprised by building of 10 7 office building, houses, total floor area is made an appointment with 340 thousand smooth rice. In the classics of office building edge of embellish century square 10 east road and 2 annulus east road sector develops, face extend easy clipper-built Yan Shan to stand hand in. Along the road has greenbelt of 30 meters wide city. Build the exterior to be given priority to in order to set upright line, wei bank is forceful, luxuriant and grand, be full of contemporary breath. Edge crossroads promotes helix horizon line up, move toward photograph echo with crossroads. Office building eye shot is open, have extremely strong can inspect a gender, identify gender and mark sex.
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