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Property address:
All previous is downhill the highroad north paragraph

Building current situation:
Decorate completely

Property type:
Office building

Building type:
Multilayer small high level

Building form:

Traffic situation:
Hill the highroad, road of garden Zhuang Dong, benefit grange road is handed in here collect, traffic extend in all directions, breath of culture science and technology is full-bodied.
The price:
All valence 3300 yuan / square metre
Opening price:
Have price yuan / square metre, maximum price yuan / square metre, all valence yuan / square metre

Property cost:

Volume ratio:

Heating means:

Open quotation date:

Enter time:

Sell card mark:

Develop business:
Shandong amounts to group flourishing part
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Address of carry out building:
Road of hill big north 46
Sell a hot line:
Downtown of Jinan of office of Parisian beautiful garden is big bright lakefront bright lake on the west road 303. Be located in big bright lake estate board piece exalted uptown core position. The Yao that division of office of province of shopping centre of center of district of the city that be apart from a spring, Shandong and center of Jinan municipal government and fontal town square very close, but very satisfy business affairs activity and life requirement conveniently.
Parisian garden develops limited company and estate of great exploit of Jinan day room to develop limited company joint development by estate of Jinan China goosefoot. Floor area of Parisian garden program makes an appointment with 210 thousand square metre, structure composition uses the layout form of board building and union of photograph of the building that choose form, make the space is permeated richer. Among them gold gets boarding house, it is area inside small family of structure of exclusive pure format, an one scene, a rising sun, room hall is linked together. But optional open up becomes the life, business affairs, office, recieve wait for a variety of functions. Parisian garden advocates person and the harmonious accrete of natural, environment, building, city, your kind effort makes city center new personality reside community.
The environment of Parisian garden is built, with 5 dragon pool former unripe spring is rely on, do an ornament with natural scenery, around 5 dragon Tan Yuan gives birth to the natural zoology such as spring and former unripe tree and spread out, behaving the theme such as pure and fresh, halcyon green zoology, healthy life, harmonious community, recreational life at the same time, reveal high, elegant new personality adequately to reside feelings again.  
Area of field of the nursery school inside Parisian garden community, basketball, senile fitness, fitness kisses sculpture of theme of water square, children group etc, can satisfy the need of fitness of community dweller sports, recreational sightseeing adequately; Still build inside community have the beautiful Shui Jingjing that by 5 dragon pool Yuan Shengquan flowing water makes view and central landscape square, dweller of greatly contented community is recreational, go vacationing, the desire of recreation, fitness, sightseeing, go for a walk in the country in spring; Additional, the large market inside community, boutique street, the establishment such as bank, clinic, guild hall, increase community dweller to live daily greatly convenient sex, reduce life cost greatly.
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