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Local government saves city face difficult choice: Suffer tired finance to want

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Local government is not willing to admit the cause that helps city depends on, trade what the promotion certainly will of the quantity causes house price is fast rise, and similar the policy that lowers the threshold that buy a house can attract investment objective to enter this city to fry house price thereby tall, this stabilizes the original intention photograph of building city to violate with administration again.

Old Qu Wei comes loose, to one's heart's content of new Qu Zheng.

Each district clinchs a deal of the quantity low fan had let local government feel as if sitting on a bed with needles, july the middle ten days of a month, government of the Changsha City started economy applicable room deserves to hire from objective become bright the monetary allowance policy that fill, back-to-back, at the beginning of August, xiamen city and Chongqing city also started the policy that help city in succession. Each district government is making active attempt in the respect such as the monetary allowance, doorsill that buy a house.

Actually, a lot of local government do not wish to carry " help city " two words. "This is not to think with central advocated healthy development estate market runs in the opposite direction apparently, but the place still ors hard investment is actuation. " analytic personage says.

Save city idea

On July 21, government of the Changsha City publishs series policy, structure of building city's new supply and demand rebuilds in the line attempt that strive ensures suspense in the housing that defeat solution. In light of the content that involves from the file, the file core that this Changsha municipal government publishs depends on " the market " and " safeguard " two.

Since August 1, xiamen city is adjusted and lowered the policy threshold that buys commodity housing to enter town inmate number of households and total population. And advanced two days, city of media hearsay Chongqing just announces to start plan of house of commodity of 10 billion yuan of low in buying.

Additional, in the bookshops passes second half of the year of Nanjing some bank to increase line of credit 3 billion yuan, it is landed and special loan more among them. As we have learned, price of Nanjing town house appears downtrend, wait-and-see sentiment is very strong, suffer its to affect, the sale drops 30% above.

Some does not wish the industry expert of sign one's name expresses, the matter of current estate vicissitude of the market is relatively complex, this also increased a government to be opposite of the market and policy accuse difficulty. Be like, the housing safeguard system, abidance that plans from adjusting control of tight monetary policy, land and each district housing is carried out, metropolis profundity changes the business structure of current building city.
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