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City of building of second half of the year continues to meet head-on depreciate

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Estate bibcock the tendercy of 10 thousand divisions, have vane sense undoubtedly. The half annals that Wang Shi of president of 10 thousand divisions held in Hong Kong a few days ago airs again on the news briefing: Postscript capture peptide brights   hesitating relatively busy tan takes an examination of mansion! Separate of ツ of locust going straight towards heat is joyous truly crab wakes qualitative? of  of part of the day of  of bifurcation of money of muddled mansion of small cup of Ang of americium mace copy so,

With this echo each other at a distance is, the message of national statistic bureau showed recently, the house price that countrywide each district went up madly all the way 2008 begins occurrence become divided, took the lead in appearing to drop in a few big cities; As a result of the change that expects to prospective house price, what consumer began pair of house price is wait-and-see, building sale market trades the quantity begins quick atrophy. In addition, in light of the range of tripartite of capital difficult position that just faces from level of macroscopical economic situation and policy face, demand, supply, the market does not support house price to upsurge continuously.

Depreciate to still be in in anticipating

From the point of the building city data July, after traditional and off-season advent, estate market appears more cold and cheerless. Beijing, shanghai, shenzhen, clinch a deal quantity annulus is compared considerably atrophic, be in 20% above, shenzhen is annulus comparing drops more 40% ; In the meantime, 3 big cities fall compared to the same period it is to be achieved more 50% .

What can foreknow is, as clinch a deal the farther atrophy of the quantity, and constrictive policy lack loosens the money apparently, the capital pressure of estate business is greater and greater, business of a lot of development is badly in need of capital seeing a pressing need. These let estate business realises more soberly, adjust sale strategy as soon as possible, depreciate moderately, just be at present the industry survives a major programme of lasting importance with development. So, the whole of the price drops to still be in the anticipation of the market.

Group of task of department of research of bank of the construction before this released " 2008: Attentively of quail of intermediary of  of  of discharge of capture peptide dim glow of the setting sun asks taste Jin of ǜ of collate of Fei Xin of Suan of げ of the Qu that treat catfish the situation that valence sluggish quantity decreases estate of second half of the year of? of げ of Bi of 8 cap ǜ will last, estate whole price rises compared to the same period continue to drop, but the situation that won't appear to drop considerably.

Financing gap is close 500 billion
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