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Estate development business depreciates the space has how old

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To Hangzhou be about to open quotation building dish cost investigation

The Olympic Games concludes, the open quotation height of building city also comes soon. According to the data of Han Jia research organization, future two months, hangzhou is close 40 buildings dish have postpone dish of plan. Clinch a deal in at present below not active market, these buildings dish can drive what price, we still unknown, but what we are interested is, where is their price bottom line after all? How many does development business have to depreciate after all space? Their dozen fold and yield benefit after all " let " how many?

The reporter was chosen be about to open quotation Lou Panzhong is famous degree of taller residence project, for data accurate, these projects are in Hangzhou advocate inside limits of the city zone, and all pat through enrolling hang obtain development to use the land.

Depreciate space and investment are direct and relevant

Influence building dish the element of the price has a lot of, but the business is the mainest when establishing the price of the consideration nothing more than at 3 o'clock: State of demand of product cost, market, competition. Among them the lowermost cardinal number that product cost decided the value, namely alleged " bottom line " .
This " bottom line " how to come? We might as well consult Hangzhou appears on the market some the computational method of room look forward to will calculate.

Be in charge of the personnel introduction that project cost manages according to this company, the construction cost that develops itself according to house property and governmental sex compasses are expended, they develop house property devoir to be 8 kinds big: 1, land cost; 2, development pre-construction cost, include survey design, government to sign up for batch of newspapers to build charge to wait; 3, main body is built bring cost; 4, community runs net cost, include laid of facilities of catchment, intelligence to wait; 5, gardens environment cost; 6, cost of facilities of form a complete set, include equipment of establishment of community form a complete set, property to wait with the room; 7, develop overhead cost, include accrual of engineering personnel administration fee, capitalization to wait; 8, during development charge, include administration fee of administrator of financial cost, sale cost, sale cost, company to wait.

The stretch space that although look anteroom is produced,develops cost is very large, but according to introducing, the high level that if look forward to of room of a brand wants to do,goes up in a character and community of small high level, this 8 kinds big charge controls basically as follows: Land cost: Floor price land trades duty, cost; Develop pre-construction cost: 250 ~ 350 yuan / square metre; Main body builds bring cost: 3000 ~ 4000 yuan / square metre; Community runs net cost: 250 ~ 300 yuan / square metre; Gardens environment expends: 300 ~ 400 yuan / square metre; Establishment of form a complete set expends: 200 ~ 250 yuan / square metre; Develop overhead cost: 400 ~ 500 yuan / square metre; During development charge: 600 ~ 700 yuan / square metre. This that is to say, divide however price, the project of semifinished product house property that goes up in a character, its develop cost to be as high as 6500 yuan more / square metre, be in 5000 yuan less / square metre.

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