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Pan Shige goes against city to go up do not value inside house price line of bus

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The personage inside course of study thinks, this is shift of a kind of sale only, won't sweep building dish rise in price wind

Building town is small fan, many development business use shipment of depreciating way to the limit of one's capacity. And 25 days, shi Ge of landed star Pan is however in his rich guest express publicly, because raw material price rises considerably,wait for main reason, the project of commercial real estate that SOHO real estate develops rises from September 1 will raise price in the round, this opinion on public affairs caused tremendous echo inside course of study.

Rise in price reason:

Cost rises considerably

Pan Shige says, from 2008 arrive first now, of raw material price go up very big, rolled steel rose in price 70% , cement rose in price 30% . Carry what valence carries price namely this to raise those who will offset one part builds cost to rise.

In the light of certain building dish depreciate the strategy of sales promotion, pan Shige expresses, "The circumstance of every company oneself and face market have each different, they adopt what kind of strategy, I decide impossibly for them. I decide impossibly for them..

To city of the building after the Olympic Games, confidence of Pan stone towering like a mountain peak is full. "At present home market both neither lacks the person that capital also does not lack potential demand, because domestic estate still is valued for a long time, prospective half an year will continue to increase a project lay in to the SOHO inside a year.

The echo inside course of study:

It is each case only

"SOHO China has a project in Beijing only at present, because his practice cannot represent whole market. " He Wei of vise general manager of Central Plains real estate firm say, from go up somehow for, this is shift of a kind of sale. "SOHO China announces to wanted to raise price September, inevitable can exciting accurate client issues fork as soon as possible, at the same time OK also and stable existing owner holds the hope that has a project. At the same time OK also and stable existing owner holds the hope that has a project..

He Wei firm say, pan Shige is each case only. "As a whole, for nervous to many capital development business, raising price can be drink poison to quench thirst-seek temporary relief regardless of the consequences only, can kill oneself dead. Can kill oneself dead..

Analysis of the personage inside one course of study says, in light of reality, the price of commodity depends on supply demand relations, cost of and rather than. In light of the countrywide building city that includes Chongqing inside at present, beg for be more than apparently, buyer's market posture is very apparent, below such market condition, development business goes against city to rise in price successful possibility is not large.

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