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Real estate adjusts pressure to increase add fast will put delay

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Be in adjusting control and adjust the estate market in, be faced with " sluggish bilges " pressure. A few experts point out, after the Olympic Games, the adjustment that real estate is faced with pressure is increased, boom fall after a rise, sale lasts low fan and take up of catenary of development business capital will make the house price of tall look forward to gradually " regression is rational " . Meanwhile, the price such as land, rolled steel rises considerably, compressed the profit space of estate company, the outstanding achievement of land agent will grow henceforth also delay of will apparent hasten.

Catenary of land agent capital stretchs tight closely

Get credit constrictive with the sale low confused impact, since this year, catenary of capital of most estate company lasts take up. Up to on August 23, 55 estate appear on the market the half annual report that the company publishs shows, cash of industry whole management sex flows not allow hopeful. Market personage points out, this will generate pressure of be issued to lower levels to house price.

The data statistic of Wind information, first half of the year, the cash flow that management activity of 55 estate company generates is net frontal come - 25.52 billion yuan, drop compared to the same period 477.24% . In 55 companies, cash of 41 management sexes flows to lose, cash of 42 management sexes flows to drop compared to the same period.

It is in order to keep benefit real estate exemple, report period end, the cash flow net specified number that this firm management activity produces is - 6.448 billion yuan, with photograph of the corresponding period was compared last year drop 1068.7% , the cash flow net specified number that every management activity produces also from last year - drop 0.5 yuan to - 2.63 yuan, drop extent is achieved 426% . The monetary fund of company hold also falls by 4.626 billion yuan of the beginning of the year reach 3.618 billion yuan.

Liu Kun analyses researcher of Great Wall negotiable securities, the negative worth that cash of sex of battalion of already of estate look forward to flows is bigger and bigger, because purchase,basically be land " outspread sex " expenses increases considerably, the rate that building product sells did not catch up with. Development business is patted generally last year at high price land, pay price the money concentration this year.

Estimation of Xue Hebin of researcher of Oriental negotiable securities, estate company had 9 billion yuan to need to paid 2008 about in about 11 billion yuan outstanding price 2007, estate company paid more than 8 billion yuan price the money first half of the year this year.

With management sex cash shedding drops considerably form contrast, the goods in stock of estate company rises considerably. Wind data shows, this year first half of the year, 55 estate appear on the market company " keep long in stock " goods in stock amounts to three hundred and twelve billion eight hundred and ninety-one million yuan, than last year the corresponding period increases one hundred and forty-four billion six hundred and thirty-eight million yuan, amplitude is amounted to 86% .

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