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Country room index falls repeatedly in August get warm again after a cold spell

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A variety of evidence make clear, real estate second half of the year is clear the possibility of get warm again after a cold spell is not large.

National statistic bureau was announced a few days ago, july, "Country house boom index " successive already 8 months annulus compares fall after a rise, area of empty place of countrywide commodity house is added compared to the same period 6.1% . The expert thinks, real estate of this specification second half of the year will continue probably to maintain adjust, and future two months of outstanding achievement manage an end to finishing annual quite crucial.

Scene bearing lasts fall after a rise

Data of national statistic bureau shows, july " country house boom index " for 102.36, than June fall after a rise 0.72 bits, be the same as lunar fall after a rise 1.64 a little bit than last year.

From classification data looks, real estate also presents state of more apparent boom fall after a rise. 1-7 month, the whole nation finishs estate development to invest one thousand five hundred and eighty-eight billion four hundred million yuan, grow 30.9% compared to the same period, go up than first half of the year fall after a rise 2.6 percent. Huang Qinglin of analyst of industry of real estate of Great Wall negotiable securities thinks, first half of the year although building city has glided, but estate investment still keeps higher add fast, the investment that appears of late glides gradually notable.

Golden company chief economist breaths out afterwards inscription to think in, because trend of house price fall after a rise is clear, estate investment may continue to put delay next year, produce adverse effect to economic growth.

The expert inside course of study thinks, investment puts delay account besides house price fall after a rise, capital insecurity is direct element. July, index of classification of countrywide financing source is 99.28, than June fall after a rise 0.91 bits, compared to the same period fall after a rise 3.36 bits. 1-7 month, implementation of company of countrywide estate development reachs the designated position capital two thousand two hundred and twenty-five billion two hundred million yuan, among them, domestic loan is 457.2 billion yuan, grow 15.7% , amplitude compared to the same period fall after a rise 5.7 percent.

Be in relatively the house price respect that gets attention, change according to national hair appoint the data that publish, july the whole nation 70 big in urban house price rises compared to the same period 7% , continue to appear go up a posture of fall after a rise of month by month. At the same time house price adjusts urban limits to expand somewhat, july, 70 big in house sale price of the city shares 17 cities annulus than dropping, was 16 in June, and there are 4 only in May.

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