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Estate saves city to dissolve financial venture hard

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The near future, those who come from estate group save early-warning of venture of city, banking incessant Yu Er, housing is ministry of urban and rural construction, complete compatriots old finance and economics appoint all be opposite " estate market goes sign is possible occurrence changeover " express exceeding anxiety, worry about occurrence house price " rise to fall greatly greatly " . So, did estate market arrive really does this government move to relieve the condition of city?

The supply demand relations of estate market, the person that in the final analysis reachs his to change offset is expended on standard of market price standard definitely pays ability the impact that make. The essence of housing is durable consumer goods, this decided house price from going up at all is the defray decision that is willing to pay to go up in housing by the dweller. Say from this meaning, house price - income rate is to decide the main basis with house whether reasonable price.

Housing of haing Buddha university considers to combine central statistic the median house price of 100 many cities of American - domestic income rate, among them 1980, stable all the time 2000 be in 3 times the left and right sides; After 2001 as a result of beautiful couplet store move low standard interest rate to fall to 1% , abet estate rises in price, house price - domestic income rose to 4.6 times 2006 than arriving, caused the following in March 2007 second borrow the crisis. It is inevitable that exorbitant market adjusts visible house price.

Our country is big in the prices that urban house price appeared to rise continuously since 2003, average sale price was as high as countrywide commodity house 2007 3885 yuan. According to the small family of 90 square metre computation, the price of one ring room is as high as three hundred and forty-nine thousand seven hundred yuan, can control income for family of dweller of town of the corresponding period about 9 times thirty-eight thousand six hundred yuan. Big in house price of the city, domestic income rate is higher, beijing price of house of housing of area of 90 square metre and domestic income rate, achieved 26 times even. According to international 3-5 the house price of times - domestic income rate, beijing dweller family year income ought to be achieved 320 thousand, 540 thousand, ability gets used to this house price, although domestic income according to the fast growth rate of 10% , also need 16 years - time of 22 years.

Visible, look anteroom price had broken away from most family far can control income, also begin even building investor concern to cannot find next homes to receive dish, bank system also begins careful real-estate loan, house price is adjusted already became hasten of general trends place. House price is adjusted, also be the insolvency of those theory of long-term popularity: For example the city is changed is the durable power that urges house price to rise, " rigid demand " bring about estate market to demand exceeds supply, house price will be permanent rise. Because house price rises prep above cannot susceptive level, stem from the demand that lives oneself completely to disappear already basically, and reason, speculation " demand " growth comes from house price to rise again, house price drops bring about these " demand " change quickly to market supply, reduced the demand to building of new open quotation not only, and with estate development business forms competitive state, behave what develop business field in estate to clinch a deal the volume drops, house price substantially convert into money is inevitable.

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