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Times of estate sudden huge profits is terminative really

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[Opening remarks] recently, national statistic bureau is in charge of " Chinese information signs up for " published a problem to be " 2008 commentary of 2 quarters economy: The market does not support tall house price " article. The article says, "The times of sudden huge profits of estate is already terminative " . Article, in an uproar of public opinion of countrywide building city, is times of estate sudden huge profits terminative really? Our newspaper at this point the topic spreads out discuss.

Why be estate sudden huge profits after all?

With institute of economy of industry of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences investment and Cao Jianhai of market lab director are a few experts of the representing to think generally, connection saves early-warning of venture of city, banking to wait at ear hourly to what the near future comes from estate group, this economy commentary pointed out many problems, a few judgement and basis also are accorded with quite actual. But, we are not pleasant to the eye to urge extruding estate bubble in the report, perhaps shake the proposal of estate policy, also cannot see well the original intention of this report.

Why be sudden huge profits after all? Cao Jianhai thinks, the rate of the Q that ask guest that according to deceased Nobel economics Zhanmusi Tuobin raised award gainer 1969 is judged, at present the rate of the vendibility of house of our country commodity and replacement cost, be in about 3-5 times between, be more than far 1, show active real estate still has 200% ~ the sudden huge profits of 400% , there is 67% to arrive about among house price the bubble of 80% .

The just that building city should save is estate sudden huge profits

"Recently, estate saves city to argue incessant Yu Er, the discussion that estate helps city is multifarious also, nevertheless, no matter these estate save the reason of city how to many have, actually these views help the primary purpose of city, want to save the sudden huge profits of estate namely, hope to safeguard the mode of sudden huge profits of estate to be not changed through helping city namely. Hope to safeguard the mode of sudden huge profits of estate to be not changed through helping city namely..

Economist Yi Xianrong expresses, current estate market is calling the capital catenary of estate company to will rupture on one hand, situation of look forward to but on the other hand the price of estate is not moved namely. In estate of domestic great majority development business looks, would rather not sell to also do not depreciate. In the meantime, cry for help high however city. That is to say, in light of the circumstance of current estate market, the sale of estate drops quickly, not be the dweller does not need housing condition to improve, however exorbitant house price eliminates great majority dweller to be besides the market.

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