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From second borrow the crisis to see bank crisis

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The United States second borrow the crisis to grow in intensity. Although this crisis consequence is unusual serious, but the amount that American bank goes broke is not much, be not worth a hunderd schools so far. Predict whole bank that borrows the crisis to bring about go bankrupt the amount is in 100 to 300 between, the photograph putting an amount of 8500 banks of this and complete beauty is compared is a very small number. Those who need a specification is, going up century between 30 time big winter, american bank is completely annihilated almost. Going up the century also has thousands of bank to go bankrupt during the deposit of 90 time and loan association crisis. Can say, second the bank that borrowed the happening of the crisis to avoid the United States produces big crisis, this is the advantageous one side that borrows crisis place to show this probably.

Second borrow the crisis to belong to the crisis that debenture of share of debenture of capital market territory causes, and the crisis that bank crisis belongs to hypostatic economy domain, the expressional form of an American successfully economy crisis arrived from marry again of hypostatic economy domain fictitious economy domain. Actually, want a bank not to give big question only, whole and macroscopical economy with respect to the problem not quite. We also can see from this expand capital market benefit energetically much. So, how is the United States one pace ground succeeds financial crisis from hypostatic economy domain does ground marry again arrive of fictitious economy domain? Want to answer this problem to need to speak of from the heel of Achilles of the bank.

The heel of Achilles of the bank is indebted deadline does not match capital fund. As a whole, the deposit apt of the bank is short-term change, loan apt is changed for a long time. For example, at present the close half deposit of our country bank is current deposit, and the deadline that the bank borrows money is relatively longer. The characteristic that indebted deadline does not match assets of this kind of bank makes the bank is had erupt the congenital gene of financial crisis. Home has two skill of so-called management fund. It is " short tear open long " , namely short-term financing is applied for a long time, after financing expires again " borrow return newly old " . Because cost of short-term financing interest is low and the profit that capital uses for a long time is high (although fund is short-term,apply, its yield also should be more than short-term financing cost) , accordingly " short tear open long " be considered as can obtain above quota a skill of accrual. 2 although deposit deposit is current,be, when these deposit money to also won't be the same as by draw money, because this always has one part fund,precipitation comes down to be able to be offerred use for a long time. Actually, these are wrong ideas. This among them total mystery is long period. Long period it is a when measure interest rate risk effective tool. Below the case that puts loan interest rate to secure, long period borrow money to put commonly of deadline 75% the left and right sides. What asset is in debt is long period differ bigger, interest rate risk is bigger, below the environment that commercializes in interest rate especially. Our country bank " short tear open long " because our country has not advance interest rate to commercialize,can existing is.

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