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Cereal of house price lowest will come in the end of the year

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From May 2007 up to now, countrywide estate situation is just as urgent revulsion is changed like switchback, as 10 thousand divisions, protect benefit, accrete etc appear on the market the company is in ground of collect of room of collect of countrywide wild land, the price of house of many centers town such as Beijing, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Wuhan is in a few short rapid violent wind rises inside the month, these appearing on the market the building that place of room look forward to develops dish also become each urban house price to get go up " be the first eldest brother " . Once vowed solemnly say " the project of more than 25% profit is not done " 10 thousand divisions, in home project of many new open quotation goes up rank with area front row. Develop in edge of park of Beijing rising sun with 10 thousand divisions 10 thousand Kedongdi is exemple, in April 2007, 10 thousand Kedongdi is sold all valence is 16500 yuan / square metre, by July, 10 thousand Kedongdi sale price rises to 23000-24000 yuan / square metre, high-level part door model price amounts to 25000 yuan / square metre, a few short lunar perch resides this area to be in each carry out building dish first of house price.

"Day price ground " behind the curtain

House price rises, accrual anticipates increase, share price rises, financing raises considerably, mad reserve land, accrual anticipates increase, share price rises, again financing, so far, appear on the market the company realized double bumper harvest in city of this round of building and stock market, the land that gets at high price came true to cover on the stock market directly now (is to pass prospective building no longer dish sale) , real estate big alligator comes true on immature money market hundreds 100 million even the appreciation of one billion two hundred and fifteen million seven hundred and fifty-two thousand one hundred and ninety-two asset. As to future, if house price rises continuously natural everyone is happy, if house price drops, the risk is early with respect to impute to shareholder. Real estate comes to light: House price rises the purpose is to push high share price, the financing of the stock market makes the capital that encircle the ground, the purpose that encircles the ground still is to push high share price, next partner is covered in perch now, leave the stock market and room town one ins disorder. [Olympic Games prices is overdrawn badly after the Olympic Games house price will still be issued to lower levels]

Regrettablly some of blame appears on the market estate company, follow suit and go up, little the stock market covers showing method, perhaps will take life of the home that enter a body.

Last year in November, my be a guest some website, produce general manager of China north division with ground of Chen Guojiang of director of institute of Beijing University estate, Central Plains beauty of Li Wenjie, country knows a personage to discuss estate to go inside the course of study such as Chen Yunfeng of general manager of the first city situation, I put forward " inflection point of city of the building inside 3 months shows surely " the viewpoint still objects consistently by.

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