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Beijing: First price fixing room matchs yesterday of source of carry out room to

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Abandon the beard that choose a room twice applying for to buy room qualification afresh

Shake to attending partly date did not shake however on the price fixing room of the serial number that choose a room applies for a family, yesterday, city housing ensures the office to hire carry out management to grow Jiang Caiyuan to say everywhere, they still can continue to attend shake date. But application family is shaking after the serial number that choose a room, if abandon twice choosing room opportunity, fang Shen of its price fixing buys a qualification will automatic invalidation, need new application.

As we have learned, look from configuration of first source of room of price fixing room, some areas pass the examine and verify, application family that acquires price fixing room to shake date matchs carry out qualification to cross room source a cycle of songs in a traditional opera more, because this exists " balance shakes date " . To this, jiang Caiyuan expresses, if some families had not shaken inside 3 years,go up the word of the house, the basis concerns policy, will OK match source of carry out room directly in the 4th year.

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