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Estate tax system is reformed or accelerate property tax imperative

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Hair change appoint " the opinion that reforms the job about deepening economic system 2008 " point out, research pushs reform of estate tax system. To this, personage of the analysis inside course of study points out, collect property tax or other estate duty it is inevitable trend in order to reform active estate tax system, and change as this hair appoint of the file allot, estate taxation system reforms pace or will accelerate.

Analysis of a real estate expert points out, reform of estate taxation system is a complex issue, country
The reform of estate taxation system that total bureau of domestic duty Wu pushs includes property tax policy not only, still include to shed the series taxation conformity of swivel section, because this needs,advance steadily.

This expert thinks, the integral train of thought that estate taxation system reforms is, below the condition that does not add industry duty to lose, simplify levy breed, push reform of estate revenue unifinication. Among them, "Of property tax leave proof imperative. "Of property tax leave proof imperative..

Estate of the China before this and residential seminar vice-chairman consider Yun Chang to express, perfect estate tax system develops the health that is helpful for real estate. To this, song Chunhua of chairman of association of Chinese real estate also holds same point of view.

As we have learned, at present the 7 property tax such as Beijing " idling " city, had raised property tax to total bureau of national tax Wu " solid turn " request, the opinion that total bureau of national tax Wu feedbacks according to each district, undertook be collectioned integratedly, appraise sth through discussion works. But the expert points out, building town is small this year fan, the possibility that property tax rolls out inside year is not large. However, "Do not roll out property tax this year, do not mean estate revenue to won't publish other new policy. " an expert inside course of study says.

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