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Ministry of land natural resources 3 father surely accuse to enhance function of

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Although sectional orgnaization is only small canzonet is whole, but " 3 calm " the ministry of land natural resources after (the following abbreviation " land ministry " ) the ability that planning through land however and runs control to strengthen his to share macroscopical adjusting control.

On the informal discussion of director of office of countrywide land natural resources that ended on July 27, wang Ruisheng of director of department of education of land department human affairs is opposite this " 3 calm " the content of plan undertook a bulletin. In this program that involves 8 point change only, add newly adjusting control and the department that monitor and country
The work out of examine of domestic land governor is adjusted twice particularly outside attention. And strengthen land program, aggrandizement function of macroscopical adjusting control makes department of this land natural resources most important adjust direction.

According to land ministry interior the personage discloses, although structural reorganization plan already was approved at was being obtained on July 10, but adjusting control and the human affairs plan of the department that monitor had be notted knock finally calm, adjustment each department bureau is involved inside the ministry still adjusting in the center.

And go up in this informal discussion, the speaking all without exception of leaders of all levels shows land department fully same information: A series of this year from tight land policy second half of the year can be not loosened somewhat, but live to be supplied with the ground, ensure sexual housing to will become construction to use the preferential safeguard target in the ground with the ground especially.

Enhance function of macroscopical adjusting control

According to the land ministry that our newspaper obtains 3 calm plan show, add this adjusting control and the department that monitor is to be based on what the State Council before this makes to land ministry to concern " the whole that strengthens land program, land to use overall planning controls function " requirement. In addition, plan still made clear land ministry to will begin analysis of economic situation of land natural resources, research puts forward the policy that gross of supply and demand of land natural resources balances to suggest, and " participate in a country macroscopical economy moves, area is harmonious, urban and rural the research that plan as a whole drafts the adjusting control policy that involves land natural resources and measure " .

In the meantime, examine of national land governor also is written " 3 calm " plan, straightened the relation of land ministry and examine of national land governor further.

Plan shows: "Examine of national land governor is responsible to the State Council, entrust ministry of land natural resources to organize system of superintend of executive state land, accredit bureau of superintend of 9 states land to the place. " at the same time, plan creates office of examine of national land governor clearly still inside land ministry (bureau class) reach its are main duty, give to work out of administration of orgnaization of national land superintend clear.
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