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7 ministries and commissions rectify and reform housing accumulation fund jointl

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Special processing operation is in the accumulation fund of half an year of a by a definite date the whole nation spreads out sadly.

Recently, the whole nation strengthens housing accumulation fund to manage conference of special processing job to be held in Beijing, wind of correct of housing and ministry of urban and rural construction, the State Council does, arrange of bank of censorial ministry, Ministry of finance, people, audit, silver-colored inspect can be combined release " the executive opinion that strengthens housing accumulation fund to manage special processing to work about beginning " (the following abbreviation " opinion " ) , the administrative machine to accumulation fund of each district housing
Make and carry out policy circumstance to undertake comprehensive processing.

In fact, " opinion " rose in June from this year in succession each district of print and distribute. Up to current, the province city such as Beijing, Tianjin, Sichuan, Hubei, Anhui had established corresponding special processing orgnaization. Basis " opinion " , this second processing job divides a level in all, time came to was as long as in December in June from this year half an year.

This up to now our country covers a range the widest, participate in a branch most, platoon examines the punish action with the most formidable task, the fundamental sex act that also is regarded as to advance system of accumulation fund of our country housing to reform. Disclose according to authoritative personage, the accumulation fund that housing safeguard and accumulation fund are attributed to to supervise management to manage before this superintends function, did not come or will put forward to establish administrative department bureau again alone, and the report that system of management of a concerned accumulation fund reforms already also was in draft in the center.

Key platoon investigates capital hazard

"Since accumulation fund system is built oneself, the housing difficulty that divides a family to solving a ministry and advance a room to change had main effect. " housing and Wang Jue of vice director of research center of policy of department of urban and rural construction forest express, because accumulation fund accumulates amount bigger and bigger, administrative system is not perfected and the malpractice with diseased orgnaization is shown stage by stage, "Appeared a few problems that damage a worker to add up to right beneficial and influence capital safety " .

Up to 2007 the end of the year, accumulation fund of our country housing Zhang face remaining sum adds up to 410.7 billion yuan, after deducting risk reserve and administration fee, still precipitation of 218.6 billion yuan of capital is in door. This batch tremendous " Morpheus capital " , also become cause " feline be bored with " hotbed. National audit arrange at 2006, had special audit to countrywide accumulation fund 2007, this second processing operation will fulfil the result of audit twice thoroughly.
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