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Worker of Hangzhou environmental sanitation will but preferential buy economy ap

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Every accords with Hangzhou city economy applicable housing explain the environmental sanitation worker that buys a condition, by the status of environmental sanitation worker that buys city of card and city, area to run a department definitely examine and verify proves, in those days but preferential buy economy applicable housing. This is the 34th times standing conference is discussing municipal government of 17 days of Hangzhou " about solving environmental sanitation worker's actual and difficult opinion further " in the measure that offer.

The conference still puts forward, this city will solve the housing problem of environmental sanitation worker stage by stage. It is each district government wants to be dug adequately with concerned branch go, staff of work of ab extra Wu solves help environmental sanitation dormitory, temporarily dormitory. 2 it is the ab extra Wu that building from this city a certain quantity of room source gives safeguard in work staff apartment, rent environmental sanitation staff of work of ab extra Wu. Be in specific allocation when room source, first consideration pursues environmental sanitation profession 5 years the staff of work of ab extra Wu of above.

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