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Each city adjusts safeguard housing measure

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Recently, the city such as Guiyang, Xiamen, Changsha, Hangzhou publishs measure to increase the purchasing power of the person that buy a house in succession, enlarge the demand of estate market.

Will be in henceforth Xiamen, the citizen buys safeguard sex economy applicable room, highest can borrow from the bank buy house fund most probably, the longest time can borrow 20 years. The person that the person that buy a house can buy a house like general goods room is same, deal with easily in the Construction Bank mortgage, and the privilege that housing mortgages loan to also can enjoy interest rate to go up.

Be in Guiyang city, appeared on the market so called " building bank " , guiyang citizen can resemble his unused house putting money to be put into euqally " building bank " . With common building intermediary source of room of only responsible introduction differs, "Building bank " should part with rental square, bear hire just sign a contract, assume all sorts of jobs such as building of collection hire, maintenance, landlord needs only by " bankbook " get rent to around savings bank by the month, and year of chummage that building bank earns every year from every flatlet house is medium, deduct hire of 23 days to serve as commission.

The Gansu Province sets recently, work 3 years continuously in the city the above, farmer industry that has steady income source brings into economy applicable room supplies limits, can apply for to buy local economy applicable room.

Be in Hangzhou, the youth that is born before 1985 also hopeful application economy is applicable room. This will economy the age limits of applicable room purchaser relaxed 10 years old.

Changsha is in the last ten-day of a month was reduced this year in July secondhand the room trades tax cost- - by 1.98% fall 1.1% , always accord with economy at the same time the family do not have a room that applicable Fang Shen buys a condition, if buy general goods house this year, every will win subsidy 80 thousand yuan.

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