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Intermediary of Beijing house property superintends billiard-marker to make admi

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Orgnaization of Beijing estate broker will use billiard-marker to make means undertake trends is superintended first. Yesterday, city is built appoint release " trends of industry of Beijing estate broker controls government temporary measure " () of method of the following abbreviation, method sets, house property intermediary, agent breaks the law violate compasses behavior integral to amount to 6 time-sharing, build appoint can suspend the autograph on intermediary net making an appointment with, suspensive agent is registered.

City is built appoint relevant controller expresses, city is built appoint Baconian arranged a service to collect fees, the 8 big kinds such as the representative that rent tens of planting break the law violate compasses act, from break the law violate compasses behavior description, cognizance basis, punishment to handle measure of basis, processing, billiard-marker to divide value respect to give clear, regard trends of estate broker industry as superintended basis. Administrative director branch puts on record through the orgnaization, check of make one's rounds, accept masses to inform against complain wait for channel to break the law to orgnaization and personnel violate compasses behavior undertakes investigating and billiard-marker, cumulative hind make corresponding processing by formulary measure.

Method sets, estate broker orgnaization appears break the law violate when compasses, integral component is 3, 6, 3 12 section; Estate broker breaks the law from existence of personnel of course of study when violating compasses act, integral component is 3, two 6 section. City is built appoint express, billiard-marker cycle is came every year on January 1 on December 31, billiard-marker cycle at the expiration of one's term of office, the year of orgnaization and personnel writes down minute of to clear, new billiard-marker.

- intermediary reaction

Billiard-marker makes benefit be taken at superintending " criminal record " the person that find new job

I love Hu Jinghui of vise general manager of company of broker of my home estate to express, billiard-marker is made estate intermediary management has quantifying, assessment rises more scientific. "Agent fluidity is greater now, for instance a few house-agents worked period of time in a company, because violate compasses be opened besides, he finds new job go to another company, the notes before him is other the company does not know. And billiard-marker is made after carrying out, house property intermediary can master these circumstances. " Hu Jinghui says, billiard-marker is made after carrying out, also be helpful for those who hit a few non-standard intermediary violating compasses act.

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