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Site of building of Guangzhou regulation carry out wants fair show village power

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Today, the whole nation the first omnibus for using electric place regulations " Guangzhou city power supply and regulation of the government that use phone " (the following abbreviation " regulation " ) apply formally. This place code will respond to the problem of sex of before this a few controversies, include transformer substation construction, development business must not conceal the electric power inside the village to plan, default user of charge of electricity to need to install the heat problem that the citizen such as unit of cable of purchase in advance cares quite.

When Guangzhou city legal system does vice director Lin Qi to accept our newspaper reporter to interview, express, " regulation " last a period of time just comes on stage formally 4 years, a lot of open to question views before this received a standard now, to be being oppugned socially " development business conceals transformer substation to plan to fine amount too low " view, lin Qi says frankly, "Had used policy sufficient, the amerce limits of authority that the place has so much only " , nevertheless the reporter understands, conceal power program to developing business, amerce is only on one hand, execute the law the branch still has other operation idea, ensure dweller rights and interests with this utmost ground.

Program of electrified wire netting must not be adjusted at will change

Current, the electrified wire netting of Guangzhou area still exists " card neck " circumstance. Introduce according to power supply branch, because electrified wire netting builds speed to go up not to go, the transformer substation of Guangzhou different area appears be fully loaded with, the state that excess load runs.

" Guangzhou city power supply and regulation of the government that use phone " plan to have specific provision to electrified wire netting. "The need that electrified wire netting plans to ought to develop according to the city undertakes, the real case that develops according to this city is timely adjust. " according to the regulation, electrified wire netting plans by city classics trade appoint leading organization weaves or adjust, once urban overall planning will be brought into after municipal government approval, must not adjust at will change. And plan to the control using the land of power facilities, " regulation " take the lead clearly also to weave or be adjusted by city program bureau, bring into control sex to plan in detail, sign up for municipal government approval.

Prohibit cannot deciding random power failure of subject of power cut right

At present Guangzhou city faces time base to build turn to use electric issue for permanent house with report serious. The dweller of the village such as village of far peak edifice, big pool, be used electric worry temporarily for years. According to Guangzhou Electricity Supply Board preliminary count, similar the project that such dwellers suffer the pain that uses phone temporarily has 163, the dweller resident that suffers an effect makes an appointment with 45 thousand. Main reason is a part undesirable land agent is economic fund, do not invest the perpetual project that use phone to be dealt with by the regulation " an one watch " formalities, however privately will face time base to build turn to use phone for the residence with report, cause a series of undesirable consequence. These dwellers should press the electrovalency pay charge of electricity that uses phone temporarily, the dweller that face report enjoys the permanent electric energy that is less than safe stability, bore however defray of charge of electricity of high specified number, caused more outstanding charge of electricity to default contradiction.

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