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Hangzhou will expand to be accepted via comfortable room to resembling limits

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The reporter reformed office know from system of Hangzhou city housing recently, hangzhou city will relax to be restricted to the age of the person that applicable Fang Shen asks economy. Preliminary and affirmatory the young husband and wife that is born before 1985, should accord with only other explain understand a requirement, all can apply for economy applicable room.

This is meant, get attention fully in recent years " 80 hind " will become Hangzhou city to execute the economy is the youngest person be benefited after applicable Fang Xinzheng.

"Considering on the citizen that the century is born after 80 time already entered marriage Yo gradually period, so we plan an economy of the 3rd application of applicable room accept object age to relax ' 80 hind ' . " Chen Kang of vice director of office of reform of system of Hangzhou city housing says, "The citizen that current and initial tentative plan was born age limit before 1985. " Introduction Chen Kang, two application that have before this are accepted, applicant age parts demarcate is born before December 31, 1965 and be born before December 31, 1975. He thinks, after as the application that is born before 1975 the crowd gets basically satisfaction, the youth that is born after 1980 will be become newest economy of a batch of application is applicable the main force of the room.

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