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Central Bank silver-colored inspect is met look forward to of couplet hair room

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The Central Bank, silver-colored inspect can allot jointly yesterday " promote about finance managing the announcement that uses the land " (the following abbreviation " announcement " ) , requirement bank is built in collective of commerciality estate, country strengthen credit to close legally with the domain such as the ground compasses examine.  

" announcement " to normative room look forward to loan raised 5 big specific requirements. It is respectively: Prohibit extending to be used technically at the loan of money paid for something purchased or received for something sold of pay land sell one's own things to room look forward to; Loan mortgage rate is top 70% what must not exceed pawn to assess value, in principle of loan time limit does not exceed 2 years; The real-estate project that maintains to branch of land natural resources exceeds what contract of land sell one's own things agrees to begin construction development date is full a year, the company that completes land of this an administrative unit in Xizang to develop an area to be not worth 1/3 or undercapitalize 1/4, should careful extend loan, give a letter from loan of tight control exhibition period or scroll; The construction that holds to branch of land natural resources uses the land unused the real-estate project of 2 years of above, prohibit extending to estate develops loan or look with this category construction serves as the of all kinds loan of pawn with the ground; In addition, the investigation that the bank still should strengthen ability of records of pair of credence of oneself of room look forward to, reimbursement and reimbursement desire and evaluate, examine and verify affirms estate develops the pawn of loan, do not repeat pledge so that accept.

In rural collective construction uses local face, " announcement " put forward " collective to using a country land develops commerciality estate, must not send the loan that puts any forms " , " the town dweller that housing builds on collective to buying a country land, must not extend housing borrows money " wait for two rigid to set, current to the buying and selling of room of small property right undertake limitative.

Duration estate is immersed in dish whole when, " announcement " allot fetching attention. Guo Tianyong of research center director was accepting job of Bank of China of university of central finance and economics yesterday when the reporter is interviewed, express, superintendency branch allots right now " announcement " aim to emphasize a commercial bank careful management law. Eye anteroom price goes situation have not Anacreontic, administrative layer asks the bank strengthens pair of estate to develop the checkup of loan, can avoid the bad Zhang risk that drop because of house price and produces. Additionally analytic personage points out, " announcement " allot before was being overthrown on the market " credit of estate of second half of the year may be loosened " guess.

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