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Zhejiang saves farmland to reclaim Fei Zheng to receive a standard to raise one

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To increase the supportive strength that protects farmland further, ensure cultivate builds the amount of farmland and mass, zhejiang saves a government to decided to adjust farmland to reclaim Fei Zheng to control a standard recently, the expropriation that farmland reclaims cost the standard raises one times on original basis.

Zhejiang saves office of land natural resources to say, impose a standard rise, basically be based on the following consideration:

It is farmland takes filling balance job heavy, difficulty is great. In recent years, accompany Zhejiang to save economy to develop a level to rise quickly, the contradiction that with ground demand hasten of tie of resource of big, farmland tightens is increasingly outstanding.

2 it is active farmland reclaims cost standard cannot the real cost of resource of real report farmland. The development sex cost that active farmland reclaims Fei Zheng to received a standard to consider farmland only, the value of farmland resource fails to receive proper compensation.

3 it is prices rises the influence of the element. Active farmland reclaims Fei Zheng to received a standard to already was carried out more than 7 years. In last few years prices rises continuously, cause the cost that make the land to also increase accordingly from this.

As we have learned, after adjusting, first-class to the 4th expropriation that wait the standard is every square metre respectively 36 yuan, 32 yuan, 28 yuan mix 20 yuan. Among them, 14 the city zone such as the city zone of deer of city of area of dawn of sea of city of the city zone on Hangzhou city, peaceful wave, lukewarm state is first-class; Wu Xing district of lake state city, fine promote area of the lake austral city, carry on to promote city to jump over 10 the city zone such as the city zone to be secondary; 26 county such as county of annulus of jade of city of state of division of state of Yin of city of Hangzhou city Xiao Shan district, peaceful wave, stage, city (area) for third class; Other county (city) for the 4th wait.

Zhejiang saves a government to point out, the expropriation that farmland reclaims cost limits includes farmland not only, still involve a field. Zhejiang visits a lot of fields is in 20 century the later period in 90 time comes through agricultural structural adjustment, its still are farmland constitutionally. Do not answer considering protective commissariat and food safety mere bureau be confined to protects farmland, answer to bring into the garden protective limits along with all the others. Accordingly, to be not agriculture construction takes up of the garden, inspect take up farmland collects farmland to reclaim cost along with all the others together.

The managing intensive that according to Zhejiang province organization carries out uses ground action to plan, realize protective farmland hard more rigid standard, ensure the farmland of national make known to lower levels retains inside 5 years the area does not reduce quantity, basic farm and the standard farm that save a government to decide, utility is not changed, quality is not reduced, complete province realizes farmland to hold filling balance.

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